After Monday’s note I decided I needed a quest, so I went to see The Incredibles 2 on West 84th street, with a vague idea of stopping by Harry’s Shoes, but I don’t need shoes. Then on the way there I realized I definitely needed a haircut. I’d made an appointment with the temp agency to “come in and test” for 10:00 am on Tuesday, and my hair has gotten really shaggy. On the way downtown I googled “cheap haircuts near me” and a place on 86th came up. I walked east almost to Columbus and found the place. Very nice, but I could tell it was too classy for my blood. Plus they didn’t take walk-ins, appointment only. I made an appointment for Tuesday at 4:00pm, but when I left I googled Supercuts (my kind of hair salon) and there was one on the East side in the 80s. I then opened my transit app and found a bus going straight across 86th to the East side.

The internet reminds me of New York City. I remember my first and second chapters here, I felt that I could obtain anything I wanted in NYC if just figured out where to look. Everything was available with the proper search. As the internet has developed I feel the same way. Anything is available if you know where to find it. Things you never knew existed. Being in New York WITH the internet makes it even more magical.

I found the Supercuts and got a very short cut, but I like it and it will grow out nicely. I found myself carrying my head taller. I also needed to print out the employment application for the temp agency. This set me back $18.00! I did it at Staples, and probably could have been more savvy about what I printed. Live and Learn.

As I made my way back to the West Side and the movie. I know I said this before, but AMC’s in NYC haven’t kept up with the newer ones in Kalamazoo. I’ve seen the red recliners in advertisements but have yet to find one in reality. Maybe because I don’t go to movies when they first open, preferring to wait until they’re less crowded and that’s where the fancy seats are. No big deal, except they still ask you to reserve your seat, and I seriously miscalculated the distance from the screen to my seat. I had to slump down and tilt my head against the seat back to take in the screen.

On Tuesday, while waiting to meet with the temp agent “Regis”, I got a note from Agent B that she had a permanent job for me if I was interested. Of Course! She then sent me the job listing and there were a few things I didn’t have, like five years of litigation experience. She said she’d send me anyway as she has great faith in me. Yeah.

When Regis finally came to usher me into his office, I was surprised by the layout. He was an older man, and he shared his office with two other desks. The woman was manning the reception area, and the other man kept making comments and laughing at whatever Regis said. All the desks were stacked feet high with resumes and applications. He proceeded to talk at me about my resume, and how I needed to revise it to an “Executive Assistant” resume. While he was talking I fished through my portfolio, in which I have about five different formats of resumes and handed him the EA one.

“Well that’s more like it!” he said, but then picked it apart, which I expected. He said to take out “over 30 years of professional work experience”. Okay. Take out the PhD. Or, maybe not. He continued to talk at me for about 20 minutes, giving me a timesheet and instructing me to call at 10am or 4pm each day to see if there was a temp job out there. The entire time we were talking he kept answering his phone to his clients who were following this advice. He reassured one that last week had been slow with the holiday, but it should pick up. So, some validation. I asked him about the testing, and he said he’d send it by email later in the day. I was done. Another hot day in a suit and nylons for 20 minutes. Ah well.

I decided to walk for a bit and find the Whole Foods I’d seen last week. We all know Whole Foods was bought by Amazon, and when I entered there were Prime logos everywhere. When I checked out the cashier kindly offered to show me how to download the app to use at checkout. Problem is, my phone is slow and I hate people waiting behind me. She patiently told me they had plenty of cashiers, and not to rush, etc. But after several minutes, we gave up, and she showed me on her phone surreptitiously, telling me she wasn’t supposed to use her own phone.

Today I went to the UN for the proofreading test. Before I left I received an email from Agent A “call me at 10:30”. Okay. My appointment was at 10:45, so I figured if I left a little early I’d have time to find a quiet place to call. My mind was creating fantasies “they love you and want to offer you a full-time job sight unseen!” I called her at 10:30 on the dot, and she informed me that the woman we’ve been waiting on thought I lived out of town and wanted to know when I was available. Sheesh! I honestly do not know what gave her the impression I was out of town. All my resumes have my current address. Agent A hastened to correct that misconception and hopefully things will move quicker now? She asked me what else I was working on, and I told her about the temp agency, and the UN. And that I needed to be out of my apartment by the end of July so that’s why I’m so anxious. “What will you do?” Good question. Vincent and I had discussed worst case scenarios the night before and I will keep the furniture in a storage unit and get another sublet for a month. But I’m hoping it won’t come to that.

On to the UN. Last time I described the “working” offices and their shabbiness. This time I was in the real UN. A young man came to escort myself and another candidate through all the security, up the elevator and to the editorial office. We had an hour and a half to proof four pages of a report from the Security Counsel made in 2011. They had gone through and made errors for us to catch. I thought it wouldn’t take me that long, but I was still re-reading my work when time was called. And of course, I second guessed myself all over the place. It was a hard copy with a pencil, not on computer. You know how when you’re looking for mistakes, everything looks misspelled? On some levels it felt like a game to find the mistakes, but on others, well – I have a lot of self-doubt and can drive myself crazy with the second guessing.

I have already figured out some things I got wrong, but I did a lot right as well. They are hiring six candidates to help with the rush of the General Assembly from September through November. Obviously this is not great for me, as I hope to be employed by then, but it’s been an adventure to go backstage at the UN. We’ll see if I pass. I took some pics around the building, but I’m posting the one I took in the bathroom. I thought it was appropriate.

Once again I decided to walk and take the bus as I had nowhere else to be. I meant to take the Uptown bus to 57th street and cross, but got off at 53rd street. I then just walked, and poked my nose in places, like Hammacher Schlemmer. I remember that place being on 57th, but it used to be bigger, two floors even. At least in my memory. I was idly planning on catching a crosstown bus, but every time I’d reach a stop and wait I got too hot. I started shedding layers. My jacket, I stuffed in my purse. Then a few blocks later my knee-highs and footies. Stuffed in my purse. Rather than wear a suit, I had dressed business casual. Now my feet were starting to hurt, so I really had to get home. I took the subway to the Bronx Grand Concourse, and then the Bx19 (finally) across town.

Hoping to hear something tomorrow. It’s time to call Regis.

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