“Is it possible that ambition is just an immune response to mortality?” – From 8 Stops by Deb Margolin, Theatre Artist Extraordinaire So. Why am I here? And I ask that question in terms of both my locality and my mortality. I have often thought that one of the dichotomies in the makeup of the … More 1/30/2019


It’s a new year. So much change for me in 2018, and I hope it keeps going in the same strong direction in 2019. New Year’s and Birthdays always make me think of a fairy tale I read long ago. It goes like this: A beggar in need of shelter stops in a town and … More 1/7/2019


Boy, this year has gone fast! As always, especially the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas speed by. Tonight, I start my new permanent job. Technically, I started last Monday when I got “trained”. Thankfully, the temp who has been covering the shift will be with me for the first two weeks, so I’m not quite … More 12/23/2018


God Bless Inchy! The Incremental Elf! What a week I’ve had.Went to work on Monday morning with no idea what the week would bring.Immediately got a call from Niaz that I’d been requested for a word processing shift that evening, and could I work 4:00 to midnight? Yes, I could. This was most excellent because … More 12/9/2018


Happy Hanukkah!  Although it is beginning to feel like Christmas in New York, Hanukkah decorations have been present for weeks. I LOVE that! I even love Christmas here. Probably because it is not so overbearing and assuming as it is in Southwest Michigan. There it is assumed to be the only religion. Also, I think … More 12/2/2018


This week I passed the fifth month mark in New York City. Whew. I have been off work all week. After the street fair on Monday, I received word to come in on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning I checked my email before relinquishing my bed. Got up, dressed, ready to go and checked one more … More 11/21/2018


Wow. It’s been a bit. Very busy, ups and downs, and some crystalizing moments. First, I want to recount acts of kindness. Or at least acts of awareness. The middle-age woman on the subway platform whose dress had caught in her belt, revealing very odd bight green bloomers from behind. Tempted to just pull the … More 11/12/2018


Another good week. Not as exhilarating without Vincent, but the affirmation of his presence stayed with me a long time. On Monday I stayed in bed with his arms around me, not willing to break the embrace and go to work. The night before we’d talked of him coming to meet me in Brooklyn for … More 10/28/2018


Such a GREAT week! A grin on my face everywhere I go, and so much energy coursing through my body. I just feel exhilarated. Why? Well, Vincent is here. He arrived at 1am on Wednesday morning, and it is so nice to be together in the city where we fell in love. My job told … More 10/21/2018


Today marks four months in NYC. It’s been awhile. And since I’m so busy, it’s harder to get to writing this. Except I’m always writing it in my head. This is my first weekend home (i.e., back in NYC) for three weeks. Last weekend I flew to Buffalo, NY to visit my father in Bradford, … More 10/14/2018