“Is it possible that ambition is just an immune response to mortality?” – From 8 Stops by Deb Margolin, Theatre Artist Extraordinaire So. Why am I here? And I ask that question in terms of both my locality and my mortality. I have often thought that one of the dichotomies in the makeup of the … More 1/30/2019


It’s a new year. So much change for me in 2018, and I hope it keeps going in the same strong direction in 2019. New Year’s and Birthdays always make me think of a fairy tale I read long ago. It goes like this: A beggar in need of shelter stops in a town and … More 1/7/2019


Boy, this year has gone fast! As always, especially the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas speed by. Tonight, I start my new permanent job. Technically, I started last Monday when I got “trained”. Thankfully, the temp who has been covering the shift will be with me for the first two weeks, so I’m not quite … More 12/23/2018


God Bless Inchy! The Incremental Elf! What a week I’ve had.Went to work on Monday morning with no idea what the week would bring.Immediately got a call from Niaz that I’d been requested for a word processing shift that evening, and could I work 4:00 to midnight? Yes, I could. This was most excellent because … More 12/9/2018


Happy Hanukkah!  Although it is beginning to feel like Christmas in New York, Hanukkah decorations have been present for weeks. I LOVE that! I even love Christmas here. Probably because it is not so overbearing and assuming as it is in Southwest Michigan. There it is assumed to be the only religion. Also, I think … More 12/2/2018


This week I passed the fifth month mark in New York City. Whew. I have been off work all week. After the street fair on Monday, I received word to come in on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning I checked my email before relinquishing my bed. Got up, dressed, ready to go and checked one more … More 11/21/2018


Wow. It’s been a bit. Very busy, ups and downs, and some crystalizing moments. First, I want to recount acts of kindness. Or at least acts of awareness. The middle-age woman on the subway platform whose dress had caught in her belt, revealing very odd bight green bloomers from behind. Tempted to just pull the … More 11/12/2018